Residential, Commercial, and Education

Why hassle with disassembling your Mac and hauling it to a repair shop when it has an issue?


Our on-site service allows us to see any problems in their native environment, with other technology components in place that may be contributing to the issue (e.g. your internet connection, your printer etc.)


Whether you need to fix an issue on-site, install a wireless network, or just learn how to use your Mac more effectively, we can help!


You can rely on our Apple certified technicians to deliver prompt, expert Mac service on-site. We service residential, commercial and education in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

We come to you.


Why MM Overseer?

Traditionally, the concept of technical support is to use a computer until something fails, is running slow, or even stops working altogether. Only then is a technician called to (hopefully) repair the problem and save your data, however it may be too late and important data and programs could be lost.

Proactive Monitoring Solution

Mobile Macsters now offers proactive solutions to keep your computers healthy and to catch most problems before they become serious and lead to catastrophe failures. You will save on IT costs by subscribing our the service that proactively monitors your computer. By investing every month to have a trained technician monitor your computers, your systems will stay healthy which greatly reduces your chances of experiencing catastrophic failures and the loss of valuable programs and data.


MM Overseer Standard is a free monitoring tool that allows our certified technicians to respond to issues with your machine that may not present themselves.


MM Overseer Plus is a proactive solution that includes Standard’s monitoring. Plus runs maintenance routines, including third party software updates, malware removal, and antivirus updates/checks, often behind the scenes and out of your way.


MM Pro provides all of the other two services combined with priority email support, phone support and a discount on our On-Site service. All for a low monthly rate per computer.

(Discounts apply for 10 or more workstations)


Off-Site Backups

Mobile Macsters is proud to offer a comprehensive offsite backup solution for our customers here in Oklahoma. Important data is backed up to our servers each night, every night.


Our off-site backup solution will keep your data secured in our data center. We backup your computers and servers to a secure server in a secure location that is also replicated to a secondary location.



And because we’re local, if you ever need to recover several hundred gigabytes worth of data, you don’t have to wait days, weeks, or even months to download it all like you do with many of the other popular offsite backup solutions.

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In the event of an emergency where data is inaccessible locally, we will go to our data center, copy your lost data to a new hard drive, and deliver it to you in hours, not days.